Video Surveillance

Surveillance With Presence

All camera installations feature the same professional quality regardless of circumstance. All outdoor cable runs come complete with high grade shielded cables, static resistant connectors, quality cable management, and high end cameras.

We then use industry standard software to configure recording, and work with you to meet your needs as a business. Whether it is multiple user accounts, audio recording, or remote access. We will work with you to meet your needs.

All products we use can record up to a minimum of 1080P HD video quality.


Don't just watch your recordings, listen to them and gain a better understanding of situations.

Large hard drives help increase storage capacity allowing you to store footage longer.

Remote access solutions will allow you to access your camera footage wherever you have a good data connection.

Leading Equipment

Whether a small parking lot, or a multi story complex, it’s important to know that your equipment will stand the tests of time. That’s why we use leading, industry standard cameras and networking equipment. From the camera recording footage to the cable the footage travels, we will never compromise quality.

We use name brand cameras made by companies like Hikvision, Axis and Dahua. Your recordings will only ever be as good as your cameras.

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